Combing and Plucking

Hello, handsome, gorgeous, smashingly-decadent you!

Such was my attitude toward the day’s doings when I woke yesterday morning, the sun glowing on the horizon at 5:15 a.m.  I’m a lover of the wee morning hours, though I am sure there are those who rise even earlier.  After a breakfast inspired by Julia Child, a Thai-style omelette well worth dining for (, I sat down to write for a spell, then twas off for a morning beach-combing expedition at 6:30ish, well before any other visitors arrived (excepting the seagulls).

I found the most artfully-sculpted brick remnant –

ImageWould make a good ladle holder, or a book-end, or just a fragment to catch the eye – any ideas??


In-between a clear sky and cool sand I reaped (in moderation) the bounty of the sea’s givings for the day, mini tin vessel included (I also took the time to pick up and toss a few rogue plastic and aluminum cans – to each, do what he or she can to make a ripple effect, I say!)  Rocks of various types – quartz, granite, and a couple of black beauties that look sedimentary in nature – not quite sure of their origins (bits of old tar and concrete, granite, or some other mineral combination?); a few hallowed sea-glass finds; and a crab shell fit for a fine, sea-faring collection.

I also scooped up some seaweed specimens…


Sea lettuce, I presume?  And a lovely lavender-mauve-colored variety too…


Not sure of proper names and classifications and such, but I have a hefty guide that I am skimming through and will keep you updated, if you just can’t wait to come back and be enlightened 🙂  I spent many of my childhood summer days on this small, private beach in on the shores of RI, mixing, mashing, stringing and decorating all manner of seaweed stews, pies and cakes – a dash of sand for sweet or spice.  This crouching inner chef soon broke free in the kitchen, but not until after I had graduated college and grown into myself for a few years…

Funny how that happens.  We never cease to keep growing, changing, morphing, sometimes – or often times, I find – connecting back to some of our childhood behaviors and resurrecting our most fond activities and attachments. And speaking of culinary delights, we traverse from the sea to…


strawberry fields of delight!  My little ol’ adopted digital cam was not charged up when I left in flip-flops for fields in the country, but I was the first plucker o’ the morn.  The variety, organically-grown, is called ‘early glow’.  The kind woman who lent me a wooden basket said they were small, but sweet – there was a bigger variety growing a couple of rows over, but not so much on the sweet side.  Small and sweet over big and not-so-sweet any day.  We’ve had so much rain over the past few days – not so wonderful for the berries life-span – but I plucked 5 quarts of red, ripe strawberries, with visions of shortcake tumbling about in my head.  I tried not to squish too many berries in the process – wide feet and all.

Oh, j’adore berry season come June!  One of late spring’s/summer’s best offerings.  Raspberries are my favorite, though they are a rare breed and do not come into season until closer to the end of July, me thinks.  The harvesting season for berries is rather short and fleeting, but such is the nature of some of life’s most savory pleasures…


Soon – like, this evening – to be turned into jam for friends and family near and far 🙂  I’ll be attempting to do so without a proper canner system, but I intend to heat dry the jars, boil lids, and simmer the berries away into a fine, gooey consistency fit for hours of tasty pleasure.  I’ll let you know how that venture jars out.

And with the remainder of the afternoon spread out before me, I enjoyed the simple pleasure of a warm, bright Saturday afternoon.  In-between tending studying for upcoming state tests and preparing to become a new teacher in the fall, I made a delightful lunch of broiled mahi-mahi on spinach with mango salsa (not pictured, but an improv effort and so delicious that I will have to post the recipe at some point in time); inspected my almost-drowned community of herbs; did some batches of laundry; and pranced about over the (mostly) soft grass, thinking of all the things I am and want to become…


From left and ziz-zagging down: Oregano, lady lavender, korean mint, french tarragon, lemon grass, genova basil (and some others not pictured..the shy ones of the bunch).


Blankets soaking up cleansing rays and whatever is carried in on the breeze…


Voracious vines twining through moss-laden fences…


And the Giving Tree seemed in a most friendly-type mood.

In my Saturday comings and goings, a thought occurred. I had the sudden revelation that I still fall victim at times to deep-seated fears – that perhaps I won’t or haven’t accomplished all I aim to do or be, that perhaps I don’t have certain skills and talents that I so value…do you have such very intimate fears, from time to time?

Then I realized that if I value something, anything, that I must do so without any worry for the what could be or not be.  What comes is up to me, and rests on my behaviors, actions, words, every moment and every day.  I believe we really do help to build our own images, co-construct our secret or not-so-secret worlds.  I realize I must happen to the world, before the world happens to me.

And so I carry on, my ‘pennies in a basket’ so-to-speak, tossing them with care and knowing that if I want to see results, then I must commit, sometimes thinking and sometimes unthinking, become lost, and found again.  My own little philosophy on the nature of coming into one’s authentic self.

On the wings of that notion, I must skip away from my screen and into the land of trees, bees, and things that walk and talk.  Ta-ta until we meet again!

Love and Learn,



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