Dreamy Strawberry Shortcakes

Yes, the strawberry theme is overtaking this quaint set of blog posts, I must admit; but, I discovered the most scrumdiddlyumptious recipe for strawberry shortcake, and alas – I must pass on to those who pass this way.


Made to nurture the soul on the summer solstice – twas only fitting!  I used the last quart of Early Glow strawberries, picked in the warm, early sunlight a handful of miles down the road.  I used this recipe for inspiration, by one of my favorite cooking blogs out in the ether (i.e. the web) – truly a master of the culinary craft.


The appropriate cookie cutter would have made this sweet recipe even sweeter, but since I could find none that fit the task, I sliced wedges, which certainly did the tasty trick.  I had so been looking forward to homemade strawberry shortcake, historically one of my favorites; though surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve ever had from-scratch strawberry shortcake.   I still didn’t know what I was missing, because let me tell you – there is no match, hands-down champion – this berry treat has game.

After admiring its radiance in the sunlight for a few split seconds, I took a bite…which melted into another, and another…


A savored, wholesome delicacy…


Until there were no more warm, creamy bites to be had…


Just a pretty, honored plate.  I felt rather sad – but not for too long.  I stashed another four biscuits into the freezer for future summer cobbler explorations.  We shall see how they stand up to being reheated in the oven.

Then I traipsed out into the height-of-summer sunshine…


Laid down in the grass, looked up at the giving tree, and secretly sang my gratitude up into its branches.  In between reading A Culture of Education by Jerome Bruner – still deep in the midst of the lit review for my masters’ thesis – I turned over on my belly and peered through the blades of grass in front of my nose.  And what to my wandering eyes should appear, but this wee green gem –


A half-pinky-sized flower stalk, little white flowers in bloom with heart-shaped buds!  I love finding heart-shaped things in nature, and always when I’m not looking.  Such a teensy flora on display for critters who live life a bit closer to the ground, so many nestled amongst the grass.

Then I turned over and looked up, toward my bedroom window (of the last 3 years – formerly my grandmother’s window, when she was a girl growing up in RI) – the window that the giving tree reaches out its branches to in all seasons.


And I sighed a ‘le-sigh’, as I shall no longer have a view from that window in another week.  I am leaving the house by the sea, moving up to the boundary line of Providence and Pawtucket (I’m convinced our street marks the spot), into a much smaller abode – a 550ish-square-foot apartment, for perhaps only a few months, until destinies become molded by  unseen events of times to come…


But until then, I walk barefoot, breathing in breezes of brine and grass, and admiring  different angles – shadow patterns.  (Another) life transition, here I come!  With a heart opened, in part, by time-shaped experiences at Bonnet Point.  Grateful for every second.

Love and Learn,



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