The Rabbits Invited Us…


Tis true – the rabbits came out to invite us to this fine, tea-worthy affair!  I swear it’s so; although, they were their usual shy and fleeting selves.  Don’t ask me why rabbits are the way they are – they just…are.  Like so many of the rest of us, I suppose.


Maya came too, in her summer’s best coat.  We had to traverse the forbidden fence, almost completely overgrown with vines…


And come in through an opening in the curious, hushing hedge; we almost didn’t recognize our own shadows…

She  – Maya – wanted to make sure this rabbit-hosted tea party wasn’t some type of farce.  After all, historically Maya and the bun-buns (who we also know as the Peters and Bernies) have been quite stand-offish towards each other.  Maya often comes out to stare at them from a distance in the morning, more bewildered than anything I think, of these creatures so quiet and quick.  She is afraid of the P’s and B’s, I think, though little does she know they are much more afraid of her – or so I thought.  The invitation did say, bring any guest – grown-up, child, or cat; and so, she cautiously wore her best white collar and gloves – and peeked out from behind a lone tree…


To see what she could see.


She has something to say about everything, but she was shocked into utter meow-muteness at the sight of a party for three, which the bunnies had so generously set on a stump in a woodland clearing…


She flicked her tail once, twice in my face which means, “let’s take a closer peek” – so we crept paw by pay, hand over foot…


…and came upon a spread fit for all whimsical creatures, great or small.  The bunnies had chosen flowering cilantro, parsley and clovers for their own fare…


and had whipped up in high-bunny fashion the most decadent tea-party treats this side of the forbidden fence and hushing hedge.


Blossoming cocoa cakes…


…and carrot cake whoopies!  How did those sly little rabbits know, that carrot cake goods are just my cup-a?  They have been silently spying, it seems, looking to make tasty amends – and a magical tea party is the always the best way, it seems.  Maya proceeds to investigate the premises, no doubt looking for the rabbits’ key to sudden merry-making…




She is a bit suspicious by nature, but she trots toward me, convinced of this fete’s authenticity.  My wandering eyes land upon a mad-looking hat, decorated just in my honor, it seems!

Image“Don’t strain your brain in times of pain” – I couldn’t agree more 🙂


I don the perfectly-fitted cap, and so we sit down to a feline-friendly (and I’m pretty sure all creature-friendly) feast, fit for fairie queens on this continent and overseas…


We try some pink-flower-bedecked cake first and, before we know what’s hit our heads, we find ourselves tangled up in a tree branch!

ImageGoodness me!  It’s about time to savor a slice of that carrot cake whoopie from on high, but perhaps just a bit too ambitious of a bite…

ImageFor we’ve never before known what ‘twould be like to sleep in a blade of grass all afternoon, until now…quickly, pour out the tea!

ImageYes, ahem-ahem, yes, yes, let me rearrange – that’s better and more true to size…though I certainly can’t complain about the change in perspective every now and then…


The treats are divine, the tea is honey-sweet with a raspberry twist.  What more could this majestic afternoon need to be complete?  Ahhh, I do so agree, Mayacita (my most fancy term of endearment for my favorite kitty).  The bunnies have requested a good old-fashioned reading.  I certainly could have improvised a tale, but I just so happened to bring along a delightful door-stopping book that chronicles the adventures and accomplishments of the female writer – the heroine, the goddess, the ‘sibyl’ if you will…

ImageWe turn a page, and begin to read…


A veritable wonderland in itself.  The bunnies are lovely listeners – they peer at us with watchful eyes and twitch their noses at all of the most interesting parts, and quietly nibble on their clovers and herbs…


Maya stretches out, crosses her legs, and bats a sleepy eye.  I catch myself in a yawn, rub my eye…a cat nap post tea, cake and reading couldn’t hurt.  But do I dare fall asleep in this wonderland setting?  What if this turns out to be all but a most sensuous dream?  I steal another bite – a more lady-like one – of the carrot cake whoopie.  Shew – still delicious, and I’m still just the right size.  We nap in the long, fading light and shady breeze.  When we wake, the rabbits have retired, gone just the way they came – they have left us with all the cakes and tea we could ever hope to eat.  Sometimes, though, the best things are taken in moderate doses – we best save some decadent adventures for later days.  We bid bittersweet farewells…


And through the hushing hedge and over the forbidden fence we go…Image

Not so forbidden (or forgotten) after all.  Maya and I wish all of the mad tea partiers of the world (no pun intended) all the best in magical makings – drink up!

Love and Learn,

~L (& Mayacita to boot)


15 thoughts on “The Rabbits Invited Us…

  1. I LOVE that lil kitty!!! Your tea party vignette is wonderful, love it under the big tree. ANd that big yellow tea pot, wodnerful!! Thank you so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥

  2. What an enchanting Mad Tea Party! Your little Maya is adorable and ooh the whoopee cake looks amazing!

    Thank you so much for having me, happy Mad Tea Party!

    Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

    1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

    2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

    I look forward to serving you a home made rose macaron or two at my tea party!

  3. What a delightfully charming tea party! I love your Mayacita! She and my Zuni would get along just great.
    Very special too, that your tea set was your Grandmother’s!
    Thanks for a wonderful tea party!

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